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Superb software
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At Developer Mountain, we build durable, high-quality software.

We offer web app development and consultancy.

What we do

We find out about your business and its challenges, and then we get to work solving your software problems.

We work with people who need skilled developers with an excellent track record to work on new projects or growing existing applications.

There aren't many organisations that can field the breadth of expertise and experience we have in our craft, so if you think your project could be improved with some expert development or consultancy, get in touch!

Projects & Testimonials

Great value for money from a strong team.
Amazing to work with!

Some of our clients have kindly provided testimonials of what it is like to work with us. Select a company to find out more.

Technical skills

We love working on the web and our favourite technologies are Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and of course HTML5/CSS3.

We also build high-volume, highly scalable data processing and management tools in Elixir with Phoenix.

Our software development ethos revolves around Agile working, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Automated Deployment.

We ship features often and repeatably.

Finally, we have a wealth of experience in building teams, securing servers and architecting scalable applications. If you or your team need some advice in any of these areas, then get in touch and we'll see how we can help.

Our Team

Adam Whittingham

Director, DevOps Engineer

  • 15 years experience of building software and running teams
  • Wide range of experience from distributed monitoring to monolith web apps
  • MSc in Computer Security & BSc in Computer Science

Richard Vickerstaff

DevOps Engineer

  • Expert in continuous delivery & automated deployment
  • Built containerised pipeline deployment for international corporation
  • FDSc Software Engineering & BTEC Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals

Anna Kennedy

Full Stack Engineer

  • 10 years experience of software development
  • Built several 5 star Android apps & e-commerce platforms
  • MSc in Computer Security & BSc in Computer Science

Matthew Bennett-Lovesey

Full Stack Engineer

  • High-performance content management system builder by day, embedded and blockchain tinkerer by night
  • MEng in Software Engineering


Excellent developer

  • Great office in a beautiful area of the UK
  • Interesting work
  • 1 day per week for R&D and professional development
  • Perks such as free coffee, equipment and conference budgets