We are a small company of highly experienced developers with a wide range of expertise. We focus on building high-quality, durable software. Our primary specialities are web technologies (Ruby on Rails & Javascript) but we also dabble in mobile apps, bespoke data processing and management tools.

We are based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK which puts us 60 minutes away from London, though we often travel further afield!

Who we are



Adam has been programming for over 15 years, working on everything from monitoring the UK Broadband infrastructure to developing virtual reality spaces.

He has a MSc in Computer Security, and loves Ruby and exploring snow places with lots of waterfalls.



With a strong background in front end development Anders spends a lot of his time writing sensible maintainable CSS, Javascript and HTML. 

Anders enjoys meeting new people and learning about their passions and interests. He also has 5 cats. 


Richard started his career at BT where he worked on platforms such as Broadband Network Monitoring and RADIUS.

He enjoys developing distributed systems and improving UX. Richard also enjoys adventure sports including snowboarding & surfing.

Need some excellent software and want to work with people who love what they do?