We love great software and we have the skills and experience to build it. We're also well practiced in turning a prototype or minimum viable product into a robust production system which you can rely on.

Whether you are building anew or improving your current software, we have the skills to help.

What we do best

Ruby & Rails

Rails powers many of our projects, letting us quickly build robust and powerful web apps.


We're well versed at crafting JS apps and building excellent UIs; React.js is a firm favourite!

Mobile Apps

We use responsive design so our sites look right at any size, as well as allowing sites to act like an app.

How we work


We can be the development team for your project; our most common model for working is reporting to a product manager and working as another arm of your company or team to build the project.

We can join existing projects and follow your lead, or manage our own development and deliver high quality software. Either way, communication is critical and we'll work hard to ensure we are all getting the right things done!



We can also augment your current development team with new skills and a fresh view on things. We’ve helped companies like BT broaden their team’s skills by embedding with their developers.



Already have a proof of concept or prototype which you need to be ready for the limelight?

We have helped small & medium businesses take their existing software or prototypes and turned them into powerful and reliable platforms to help their organisations thrive.


Does it sound like we can help you?