The internet can be a risky place and it is always worth being mindful of security.

We help companies keep their information safe and their teams productive through two services - code review and security audit.

Code Review

Getting an idea of the quality of your code can be troublesome, especially if you are not particularly technical or if you have a single developer working on your product. We offer code reviews; an impartial testing and reporting on the code of your application.

We work with you to identify the most valuable things we can test. Then, we will review and check your project and provide you a written report on our findings. 

The scope and depth of the review is up to you; a 'shallow' review will give you an idea of how easy your project would be to work on and point out any security issues caused by outdated libraries. Deeper reviews give us the chance to really dig into the design, style and architecture of your app, helping to locate potential issues which will slow your progress later.

Security Audit

For those with larger projects or who want a more security-focused report, we conduct security audits. These involve the detection of code, exposing known vulnerabilities and testing the perimeter of your app for possible attack vectors.

As with the code review, you will receive a written report at the end of the security audit, detailing our findings and making recommendations of how to best mitigate any issues.


Interested in getting a new perspective from a code review or a fresh look at your security?