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The Project

Application stabilisation, support and re-platforming

Team Locum are one of the UKs leading locum agencies. They are responsible for placing thousands of pharmacists, care workers and nurses, enabling the UKs healthcase industry to keep running.

In such a competitive industry, high volumes of placements need to be organised with short turnaround times, so fast, robust and reliable automation is key to success.

We worked with Team Locum for over a year to upgrade and stabilise their web application. Throughout the process we supported their daily operations and learned about their business to give us the insight and context to really solve their problems.

By the end of our tenure the application was about to process 5 times the number of placements on less than half of the original hardware. Amongst many software improvements, we also migrated the app from a pair of servers to Amazon’s cloud service. This new platform is also scalable, allowing more servers to be added as the company’s growth requires it.

Key Achievements

500% increase in throughput50% reduction in costsEnhanced reporting tools140+ fixes, patches & upgrades

A few words from the client

From Linda Yearsley and Liam Byrne, Managing Directors of Team Locum

As the leading UK healthcare agency in our field, we at Team Locum depend heavily on our website and app to help drive the supply of pharmacists, optometrists and other healthcare professionals to a huge range of establishments in very busy sectors. We provide a critically important service, so it goes without saying that we, our clients and our healthcare locums demand a very high standard of performance from our online technology.

Developer Mountain have unbendingly supported our web resources with a caring, rapid-response approach, and a truly impressive commitment to customer service. They've identified and eliminated hidden resource-drains, very significantly improving our site's speed and performance. They've implemented new features with great professionalism and a very close eye on security. And they've given us invaluable advice which has helped enormously with the management of our database. But more than this, their customer-focused support has helped us to understand much more about our system.

As a result of Developer Mountain's communicative and informative care, we feel much more in control of our web resources.

That's a feeling we believe every business should have.